Syllabi Archive

Fall 2019

Course #Course NameInstructorCreditsSyllabus
PHC6301Aquatic SystemsKane3
PHC6512Environmental Management of Vector-borne DiseasesOkech3
PHC6764Global Health and Development IMcKune3
PHC6937Environmental Toxicology in Public HealthBisesi3
PHC6937Virology in Public HealthLednicky3

Summer 2019

Course #Course NameInstructorCreditsSyllabus
PHC6937Grant WritingSabo-Attwood2
PHC6937Public Health Journal ClubMaurelli1
PHC6515One Health: Applied Techniques in Public
Health Entomology

Spring 2019

Course #Course NameInstructorCreditsSyllabus
PHC7307Quantitative Assessment of Envrionmental ImpactsLiang3
PHC6937Environmental Policy and Risk ManagementCoker/Bisesi3
PHC6937Environmental Ecology of Human PathogensAli3
PHC6445Global Health and Development IINelson3
PHC6937Emerging Infectious DiseasesMaurelli3
PHC6702Environmental Monitoring and Exposure AssessmentLednicky3

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