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Spring 2018

Environmental Health Day

Student Ambassadors planned an event for UF Health Science and Gainesville community members to promote environmental health awareness. (Pictured left to right: Melissa Dulcey, Amanda Buerger, Sara Humes).

EGH Table

EGH Ambassadors

Members of the EGH Ambassadors are leaders in the Department of Environmental and Global Health. They serve the community to increase awareness of Environmental and Public Health issues through community engagement and service while serving the department by organizing student and faculty events focused on retention and scholarship. EGH Ambassador meetings are open to all students of all programs within EGH, so please feel free to stop by to make your voice heard.

For more information, please contact Victoria Houghton at (

Reitz Union

The Reitz Union offers a variety of programs and services to students and the Gainesville community as a whole. Students can benefit from dining options, free student events, arts and leisure programs, and more.


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