Thomas B. Waltzek, DVM, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Infectious Diseases and Pathology
College of Veterinary Medicine
Gainesville, FL 32610



  • PhD, Comparative Pathology, University of California, Davis, 2010
  • DVM, University of California, Davis, 2009
  • MS, Ecology, University of California, Davis, 2002
  • BS, Biological Science, Florida State University, 1998

Research Interests

  • Characterization of Emerging Aquatic Animal Viruses (EAAVs) using metagenomics
  • Phylogenomics to study the biology, epidemiology, and evolution of EAAVs
  • Development of broadly applicable diagnostic methodologies to track EAAVs
  • Determining the role that international commerce of aquatic animals plays in the emergence of AAVs as it relates to global aquaculture and ecosystem health
  • Aquatic animal zoonoes, public health, one health

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