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Student Spotlight: Meredith Zahara

Even from miles away, Meredith Zahara is unwavering in her pursuit of knowledge.  After earning her bachelor’s degree in animal biology from Grand State Valley University, the Michigan native has worked at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as a research associate since 2005. Now, she is coupling…

Student Spotlight: Samantha Andritsch

With a heart of ambition and toolbelt of knowledge, Samantha Andristch is one step closer to her dreams at the University of Florida.  After receiving her bachelor’s degree in public health from the College of Charleston, Andritsch headed south to pursue a Master of Health…

Dr. Ilaria Capua published in The Lancet: “The unsung virtue of thermostability”

The current vaccination campaign against SARS-CoV-2 has many challenging aspects, one of which is maintaining the cold chain for the distribution, delivery, and storage of available vaccines and guaranteeing that their full titre is retained for administration. Although outstanding technology for vaccine development has enabled products to be put on…

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