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Emerging Virus in Venezuela Uncovered by EGH Researcher

Gaby Blohm, a Post-Doctoral Associate, working in the Lednicky Lab at the University of Florida In 2016, during a zika virus disease outbreak in Venezuela, a young girl arrived at a hospital showing signs of a fever, rash, and joint pains. The patient’s plasma was sent to Colombia where serology tests…

Research Facilities

The Department of Environmental and Global Health faculty and students use and collaborate with several research facilities on the University of Florida campus. This includes: Center for Environmental and Human Toxicology (CEHT) Emerging Pathogens Institute (EPI) Aquatic Pathobiology Laboratory (APL) Genetics Institute International Center  …

One Health student tackles small ruminant plague in Uganda

“If their animals die, these people can’t eat. They can’t afford to take their kids to school. They can’t afford medicine. We want to help protect their livelihoods.” – Emi Moore Moore presents work at EPI Research day after return from Uganda. On January 26th, Emi Moore, traveled from Gainesville, Florida to the…

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