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Kayan Clarke & Andres Manrique, PhD in Public Health Environmental Health Candidates published in the International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health

Kayan Clarke and Andres Manrique, both current PhD in Public Health (Environmental Health) candidates in the Department of Environmental & Global Health published “A Narrative Review of Occupational Air Pollution and Respiratory Health in Farmworkers“ alongside EGH faculty, Dr. Tara Sabo-Attwood and Dr. Eric Coker, in…

Dr. Eric Coker Published in Environment International

Dr. Coker’s article, Household Air Pollution Profiles Associated with Persistent Childhood Cough in Urban Ugana, is now on view at this link. A preview of the background of Dr. Coker’s study: “Most household air pollution (HAP) interventions in developing countries of sub-Saharan Africa have focused on a single source,…

Dr. Eric Coker Awarded UFIC Global Fellowship

The University of Florida International Center awarded Dr. Eric Coker, an EGH professor, a competitive fellowship in the Global Fellows Program. This program promotes and supports faculty conducting research with an international reach. As a fellow, Dr. Coker will be mentored by Dr. Sarah McKune, who has significant…

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