Spring 2022

Seminar Series Schedule

Date Time location speaker presentation title
1/12 12pm-1pm EST Zoom Dr. John Bowden Monitoring Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS): Novel Tools for Assessing Environmental Distribution, Fate and Transport, and Exposure-Related Health Effects
1/19 12pm-1pm EST Zoom Oscar Wahltinez Google’s COVID-19 Open Data: A Meta-Dataset of COVID-19 Data and Covariates
1/26 12pm-1pm EST Zoom Drs. Long Yuan and Qiran Chen Lin Lab’s Postdoc trainee seminar
2/2 12pm-1pm EST Zoom Drs. Chia-Chen Wu and Danielle Meyer Baker Lab’s Postdoc trainee seminar
2/9 12pm-1pm EST Zoom Olga Munoz and Kayan Clarke EGH PhD candidate seminar
2/16 12pm-1pm EST Zoom Dr. Weihsueh A. Chiu A Population-Based in vitro-in silico Approach to High Throughput Cardiotoxicity Risk Assessment of Environmental Chemicals
2/23 12pm-1pm EST Zoom Nima Madani and Md Abu Sayeed EGH PhD candidate seminar
3/2 12pm-1pm EST Zoom Jorge Lascano, M.D. Use of Exhaled breath condensate in clinical research
3/16 12pm-1pm EST HPNP G-101 Dr. David Larsen Mosquito net fishing: implications of repurposed insecticide treated nets
3/23 12pm-1pm EST HPNP G-101 and Zoom Dr. Yang Yang Impacts of nonpharmaceutical interventions on notifiable infectious diseases in China during the COVID-19 pandemic
3/30 12pm-1pm EST HPNP G-101 and Zoom Barbara Van Der Pol What’s New in Diagnosis of STIs?
4/5 2pm-3pm EST Zoom Dr. Hong Qin Toward mechanistic studies using machine and deep learning models for aging, bioimages, and infectious disease
4/6 12pm-1pm EST HPNP G-101 and Zoom Dr. Leah Stuchal Bioaccessibility versus bioavailability: Why the difference is important
4/13 12pm-1pm EST HPNP G-101 and Zoom Dr. Andreia Fonseca de Faria Sustainable Lignocellulosic Nanomaterials as a Platform for the Development of Anti-Biofouling Surfaces

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