Spring 2021 Seminar

Spring 2021 Seminar Schedule

date time location speaker Title
1/16 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Dr. Zhoumeng Lin “Applications of Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Models in Nanomedicine, Food Safety and Human Health Risk Assessment and Roles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in these Areas”
1/26 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Dr. Sarah McKune Nutritional Impact From a Cluster Randomized Control Trial to Change Behavior in Burkina Faso
2/2 12pm-1pm EST Zoom Dr. Ezzat El Zowalaty Antimicrobial Resistance and Viral Pathogens of Pandemic Potential for the Evidence of Zoonosis Using a One Health Approach
2/10 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Dr. Emmanuel Obeng-Gyasi Lead Distribution in Urban Soil in a Medium-Sized City: Household-Scale Analysis
2/16 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Dr. Rebecca Christofferson Micro to Macro: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Understanding Virus Transmission
2/23 4pm-5pm EST Zoom GatorWATCH Webinar Sampling Sewage to Combat SARS
3/2 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Sacoby Wilson Are We Really Bending the Arc Towards Racial and Environmental Justice? The Role of Science and Community-Engaged Research in Improving Environmental Health in Frontline and Fenceline Communities
3/9 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Moise Ngwa The Cholera Risk Assessment in Kano State, Nigeria: A Historical Review, Mapping of Hotspots and Evaluation of Contextual Factors
3/16 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Natasha Weatherspoon-Griffin Impacts of nonpharmaceutical interventions on notifiable infectious diseases in China during the COVID-19 pandemicWhen Opportunities Arise interventions on notifiable infectious diseases in China during the COVID-19 pandemic
3/23 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Iyanna Wellington Might Historians be Useful in Pandemic Preparedness?
3/30 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Haley Johnson Preventing the Emergence of a Killer: Evaluating Vector Control Tools Against West Nile Virus Vector Species in the Upper Midwest
4/1 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Saskia Hendrickx, Sam Thevasagayam, and Michael Jacobs Animals, Humans, and Pathogens: Challenges & opportunities to improve child health outcomes in low & middle income countries: Research, donor, & implementing partner perspective
4/6 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Lisa Sundahl Platt Using AI for Evaluating Infection Prevention through Design in Acute Healthcare Environments
4/13 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Onur Apul Nanotechnology and Responsible Water Treatment
4/20 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Sandie Ha The Ambient Environment and Pregnancy Health
4/27 4pm-5pm EST Zoom Helena Chapman A One Health Approach for Innovative Environmental Health Applications Related to Air Pollution in Vulnerable Communities

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