List of Courses

Course # Course Name Credits Instructor Semester Offered Syllabus
PHC6764 Global Public Health and Development I 3 McKune Fall View Syllabus
PHC6937 Public Health Virology 3 Lednicky Fall View Syllabus
PHC6313 Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health 3 Sabo-Attwood/Coker Fall View Syllabus
PHC6512 Environmental Management of Vector-borne Diseases 3 Okech Fall
PHC6937 Environmental Toxicology 3 Bisesi Fall (On-campus and Online) View Syllabus
PHC6937 Sustainability and Health Equity in the Built Environment 3 Widmer Fall (Online only) View Syllabus
PHC6937 Scientific Communication 3 Kane Summer
PHC6515 Intro to Entomology, Zoonotic Diseases, and Food Safety 3 Okech Summer (Online only)
PHC6702 Environmental Monitoring and Exposure Assessment 3 Lednicky Spring
PHC7307 Quantitative Assessment of Environmental Health Impacts 3 Liang Spring
PHC6937 Environmental Policy and Risk Management 3 Coker/Bisesi Spring
PHC6937 Environmental Ecology of Human Pathogens 3 Ali Spring (Online only)
PHC6445 Global Health and Development II 3 Nelson Spring
PHC6937 Emerging Infectious Diseases 3 Maurelli Spring