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Purchase RequestGeneral Guidelines

As a general rule, money may only be expended for reasonable and appropriate goods or services necessary to accomplish the mission of the University of Florida. To be an allowable expenditure, a clear business purpose must exist; and all allowable expenditures, regardless of funding source, must be for relevant and appropriate operating expenses. For more information on allowable purchases, please visit here.

The Department of Environmental and Global Health (EGH) is committed to pursuing its’ academic mission in compliance with established federal, state and local rules, regulations, policies and procedures. All EGH expenses require a pre-approval before the transaction occurs (PCard, PO, Direct Bill, Reimbursement). Non-Travel Expenses being applied to an Award or PI IDC should be purchased through Grants Core. Travel and Non Travel Expenses being applied to EGH funds should be purchased through the EGH Fiscal Assistant and Business Manager.

 Additional Notes

  • Please submit purchase requests using the forms or send order by email to the EGH office
  • General reimbursements are no longer allowed if expense is over $50.
  • The following items are not allowed: First class flight tickets, club memberships or lavish entertainment including service of alcohol.
  • Personnel may not buy items for personal benefit including fans/heaters, decoration for personal office, etc.
  • All transactions must comply with competitive procurement process (including bid/quote limits).

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Procurement Card (PCard)