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Reimbursement Request

General Guidelines

In general, it is the policy of the University of Florida (UF) that all purchases should be made through UF procurement mechanisms (PO or PCard). The use of UF procurement mechanisms ensures that the purchases has received the appropriate review for compliance with all pertinent State laws, regulations, and university policies, and that the university has achieved the best value.

The University of Florida is not liable for the payment of State of Florida sales tax. Exemption certificates may be obtained from the F&A Forms web page. However, the sales tax exemption does not apply when an employee pays for a purchase on behalf of the university, even though that employee is subsequently reimbursed by the university. Also, the university if liable for sales taxes on purchases made out of state for use out of state. To obtain the Sales Tax Exemption form, please visit here.

In general, is is the policy of the Department of Environmental and Global Health (EGH) that all purchases should follow EGH purchasing procedures. If the purchase is unallowable and should have utilized normal purchasing, or PCard, processes, the purchase will not be processed for reimbursement.

 Additional Notes

  • Allowable purchases should total less than $50.
  • Allowable expenses can include licenses, dues, and submission of research papers or payment for review services.
  • Reimbursement is allowed whenever a PCard is not accepted by a vendor.
  • All IT equipment must be purchases using UF procurement mechanisms to ensure UF IT standards are met.
  • Sales tax that would have been avoided if normal university purchasing processes had been followed will not be reimbursed. Sales tax must be deducted from unallowable reimbursements.

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