Application Timeline

Annual Deadlines

PhD Applicants

  • Deadline: January 15th
  • Late Application Deadline: February 28th (Students must request permission from PhD Program Director before they can submit)

MHS Applicants

  • Summer Term: March 1st
  • Fall Term: July 1st
  • Spring Term: October 15th

MPH Applicants

  • Fall Term: March 1st
  • Final: July 1st

Application Timeline

8 – 12 months prior to deadline

4 – 6 months prior to the deadline

  • Take the GRE and/or TOEFL. Have your test scores sent to the University of Florida at code 5812. It may take up to 6-8 weeks for official scores to be received by the University. Retake the GRE and/or TOEFL if necessary. Our minimum GRE score for PhD students is a 300, however higher scores are more competitive – especially for students for whom funding is needed.

3 months prior to the deadline

  • Request your three Letters of Recommendation. At least two letters must exhibit research acumen. Remember, it is best to give your recommenders sufficient time to make sure that letters are submitted before the deadline.

2 months prior to the deadline

  • Request all official transcripts to be sent to the University of Florida Graduate Admissions Office.
  • Begin your online application at
  • After you have submitted your application, email with your name and the degree program for which you applied so that we confirm that your application was received and notify you of any additional materials needed to complete your application.

1 month prior to the deadline

  • Ensure that all application materials including transcripts, GRE scores, and recommendation letters have been received and request any items that may be missing.

After your application has been completed

  • If we received your application by January 15th, you will be notified of our decision by February 15th. Applicants will receive notification both by email and by formal letter.
  • Once you have received your letter, you will need to sign and date the letter and return it to our department in order for your acceptance status to be confirmed.