Below is a list of students in the Department. Learn more about each of our current students by clicking on their names!

PhD in Environmental Health

Student Start Date Advisor
Buerger, Amanda Fall 2015 Bisesi
Laytner, Lindsey Fall 2015 McKune
Li, Xiaolong Fall 2018 Liang
Md Abu, Sayeed Fall 2018 Nelson
Ponpetch, Keerati Fall 2015 Liang
Wormington, Alexis Fall 2016 Bisesi

PhD in One Health

Amaya, Mirna Fall 2015 Bardosh
Austin-Datta, Rebecca Fall 2017 Sabo-Attwood
Chen, Dehao (Billy) Fall 2018 Liang
Creasy, Ashton Fall 2018 Nelson
Dulcey, Melissa Fall 2016 Maurelli
Hintenlang, Lauren Fall 2018 Dinglasan
Humes, Sara Fall 2015 Sabo-Attwood
Ivey, Danielle Fall 2017 Vulpe
Madani, Nima Fall 2017 Sabo-Attwood
McDermott, Catherine Fall 2013 Lednicky
McNamara, Katie Fall 2017 McKune
Moore, Emi Fall 2017 McKune
Munoz, Olga Fall 2017 Capua
Stephenson, Caroline Fall 2017 Lednicky
Su, Yi Fall 2014 Liang
Valentine, Marissa Fall 2013 Brown
Watson, Mariah Fall 2018 Brown

Masters in Public Health, Environmental Health Concentration

Caoili, Benjamin Fall 2017 Liang
Coleman, Jenny Fall 2018 Kane
Daniel, Jenna ** Fall 2017 Ali
Dooling, Jake Fall 2018 Lednicky
Falcone, Molly Fall 2017 Maurelli
Ingram, Morgan Fall 2018 Maurelli
Kirkpatrick, Megan Fall 2018 Sabo-Attwood
Le, Dung (Haylie) Fall 2018 McKune
Lloyd, Chloe Fall 2017 Kane
Lora, Cirilo Fall 2017 Kane
Love, Deirdre Fall 2017 McKune
Manrique, Andres Fall 2018 Lednicky
Moncayo, Maria Fall 2017 Ali
Munguia, Nathalie Fall 2015 Liang
Nguyentran, Sarah** Fall 2017 Okech
Shaffer, Joseph Michael Fall 2017 Maurelli
Steck, Madeline Fall 2018 Okech
Zuniga Carlier, Daniela Fall 2018 Liang
** Part of the Combined MPH/Bachelor’s Degree Program

Masters of Health Science, One Health Concentration

Bohannon, Mary Fall 2017 Bisesi
Caples, Karly Fall 2017 Lednicky
Cheraso, Adriana Fall 2018 Coker/Bisesi
Defilippis, Nicholas Fall 2018 Liang
Delise, Meaghan Fall 2017 Ali
Dowhaniuk, Nicholas Fall 2016 Liang
Johnson, Abriana Fall 2017 Maurelli
Johnson, Jesse Fall 2017 Bisesi
Leach, Michael Fall 2016 Sabo-Attwood
Mendez, Daniel Fall 2018 Maurelli
Krupa, Jennifer Fall 2017 Lednicky
Pepe, Anthony Fall 2018 Okech
Quintero, Katherine Fall 2017 Ali
Rignanese, Kallie Fall 2018 McKune
Smith, Keely Summer 2018 Nelson
Tocci, Lynel Spring 2018 Sabo-Attwood
Watts, Kelsey Fall 2018 Bisesi
Wilson, Kristen Fall 2017 Capua


Our students represent states throughout the US and countries across the globe! Click the map to enlarge and view details.