Administrative Staff

M Hoyt Victoria Houghton, Academic Program Specialist
Meredith Hoyt
Business Manager
(352) 273-6188
Office: HPNP 4162
Academic Program Specialist
(352) 294-5316
Office: HPNP 4157
Edgar Morales, Fiscal Assistant, Department of Environmental and Global Health
Tobi Phang-Lyn
 Edgar Morales
Fiscal Assistant
(352) 273-9673
Program Assistant
(352) 294-8833

Other Staff

Name Position Title Supervisor
Alam, Meer Research Scholar Ali
Brooks, Ross Lab Technician Kane
Elbadry, Maha Postdoctoral Researcher Lednicky
Lavelle, Candace Postdoctoral Researcher Sabo-Attwood
Loeb, Julia Lab Manager Lednicky
Ngo, Thuy Lab Technician Sabo-Attwood
Robinson, Sarah Lab Manager Sabo-Attwood
Ray, Shrestha Research Scholar Ali