Our Faculty


Primary Faculty

dr. sabo-attwood

Sabo-Attwood, Tara L. PhD

Department Chair

Associate Professor

Office: HPNP 4157A, CEHT 30
Phone: 352-294-5293
Email: sabo@phhp.ufl.edu




Ali, Afsar PhD

Research Associate Professor


Office: EPI 276
Phone: 352-273-7984
Email: aali@epi.ufl.edu



Bisesi, Joseph H. Jr. PhD

Assistant Professor

MHS & Ph.D. Program Director

Office: CEHT, Room 105
Phone: 352-294-4703

Email: jbisesi@phhp.ufl.edu



Blue, Amy PhD

Clinical Professor

Office: HPNP 4115
Phone: (352) 294-4981
Email: gmazorra@phhp.ufl.edu




Capua, Ilaria, DVM, PhD


Office: EPI 103
Phone: (352) 294-8465
Email: one-health@ufl.edu




Kane, Andrew, PhD

Associate Professor

Office: Room 101 Aquatic Pathobiology (Building 1379)
Phone: (352) 273-9090
Email: kane@ufl.edu




Joh Lednicky

Lednicky, John PhD

Research Professor

Office: HPNP 4155
Phone: 352-273-9204
Email: jlednicky@phhp.ufl.edu





Liang, Song PhD

Associate Professor

MPH Program Coordinator

Office: EPI 170
Phone: 352-273-9203
Email: songliang@ufl.edu




Maurelli, Anthony PhD


Office: HPNP 4154 , EPI 472
Phone: 352-294-5029
Email: amaurelli@phhp.ufl.edu




McKune, Sarah

Assistant Professor

Office: HPNP 4158, Grinter Hall 472
Phone: (352) 273-9449; (352) 273-4757
Email: smckune@ufl.edu




Nelson, Eric MD PhD

Assistant Professor

Office: EPI 112
Phone: (352) 294-8536
Email: eric.nelson@ufl.edu





Okech, Bernard A. PhD

Research Associate Professor

Office: EPI 273
Phone: (352) 273-5254
Email: bokech@phhp.ufl.edu




Dr. Liz Wood

Wood, Elizabeth DHS

Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: HPNP 4150
Phone: (352) 294-8549
Email: liz07@phhp.ufl.edu



Affiliate Faculty

Name College/Institute Contact
Bardosh, Kevin, PhD UF Anthropology and Emerging Pathogens kevinbardosh@ufl.edu
Brown, Mary, PhD UF College of Veterinary Medicine mbbrown@ufl.edu
Havelaar, Arie, PhD UF Department of Animal Sciences ariehavelaar@ufl.edu
Johnson, Judith, PhD UF College of Medicine jajohnson@pathology.ufl.edu
Lauzardo, Michael, MD UF College of Medicine mike.lauzardo@medicine.ufl.edu
Morris, John Glenn, MD UF College of Medicine jgmorris@epi.ufl.edu
Ryan, Sadie Jane PhD UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences sjryan@epi.ufl.edu
Vittor, Amy MD, PhD UF College of Medicine
Wisely, Samantha, PhD UF Wildlife Ecology & Conservation wisely@ufl.edu


Courtesy Faculty

 Name College/Institute Phone                  
Blackmore, Carina, DVM, PhD Florida Department of Health (850) 245-4732
Clark, Gary, PhD CMAVE, ARS, USDA (352) 374-5910
Evans, Andrew J., PhD, PE Retired, UF College of Environmental Engineering
Focks, Dana A. PhD Retired, UF Dept. of Environmental & Global Health
Fukuda, Mark, MD Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (301) 319-3297
Gibbs, E. Paul, BVSc, PhD, FRCVS Retired, UF College of Veterinary Medicine (352) 294-4182
Keith, Bahareh, D.O. UF College of Medicine, Division of Hospital Medicine (352) 273-5400
Hernandez, Jorge A. PhD, MPVM, DVM UF CVM Large Animal Clinical Sciences (352) 392-2212 x1-4105
Higgins, Charles, CAPT, MS National Park Service Office of Public Health (202) 513-7217
Isaza, Ramiro, DVM, MS, MPH UF College of Veterinary Medicine (352) 392-2235 x5743
Lyons, Arthur, PhD, MD, COL, MC Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (301) 319-9021
Morris, J. Glenn, MD, MPH, TM UF College of Medicine (352) 273-7526
Pulliam, Juliet, PhD UF College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (352) 273-6684
Psychas, Paul, MD UF Health Family Medicine – Eastside (352) 265-7015
Redden, Edsel, MS HPNP 2149 (386) 937-3229
Robbins, Deanna S. PhD Malcom Randall VA Medical Center (352) 376-1611 x5222
Schoepp, Randal, PhD US Army Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases (301) 619-4159
Stuchal, Leah, PhD CEHT-Building 471, Room 2 (352) 294-4641
Vulpe, Christopher, PhD, MD UF College of Veterinary Medicine (352) 294-4010
Waltzek, Thomas, PhD, DVM UF College of Veterinary Medicine (352) 273-5202