Faculty Professional Skills

Professional skills

Faculty member

Microbiology Ali
Molecular biology Ali
Cholera and diarrheal pathogens Ali
Environmental persistence of diarrheal pathogens Ali
Pathogen / contaminant exposure assessments with aquatic animals, including gross and histopathology Kane
Behavioral toxicology Kane
Aquatic toxicology Kane
Aquatic microbiology Kane
Aquatic parasitology Kane
Scientific outreach Kane
Isolation and molecular sequencing of human and animal viruses Lednicky
Influenza viruses: isolation, characterization, animal models, and vaccine efficacy Lednicky
Small animal inhalation exposure studies Lednicky
Air sampling and collection of airborne viruses Lednicky
Reverse genetics of RNA viruses Lednicky
Entomology Okech
Parasitology Okech
Vector-borne diseases Okech
Mechanisms of toxicity Roberts
Nanotoxicology Roberts
Bioavailability/Toxicokinetics Roberts
Risk assessment Roberts
Molecular toxicology Sabo-Attwood
Transcriptomics Sabo-Attwood
Nanotechnology Sabo-Attwood
Pulmonary toxicology Sabo-Attwood
Aquatic toxicology Sabo-Attwood

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