Research Products 2010

For the purpose of providing a sample of our research activities we list some of our recent works.
Key: Faculty (Black Bold), Students (Red Bold), Postdoc/Staff (Blue Bold)


Journal Articles

  1. Fang LQ, Wang XJ, Liang S, Li YL, Song SX, Zhang WY, Qian Q, Li YP, Wei L, Wang ZQ, Yang H, Cao WC. Sptatio-temporal trend and climatic factors of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome epidemic in Shandong Province, China. PLoS NTDs. 2010; 4(8):e789
  2. Gonzalez JF, Shaikh B, Reimschuessel R, and Kane AS. In vitro kinetics of hepatic albendazole suloxidation in channel catfish, tilapia and rainbow trout, andinduction of EROD activity in ABZ-dosed channel catfish. Journal Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  2010; 32:429-435
  3. Hamilton SB, Daniels DE, Sosna WA , Jeppesen ER, Owells JM, Halpern MD, McCurdy KS, Rayner JO, and Lednicky JA.  Gas-permeable ethylene bags for the small scale cultivation of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 and other viruses in embryonated chicken eggs. Virol J. 2010; 7:e23.
  4. Kane AS, Song J, Halverson MB, Miller DL, Salierno JD, Wysocki LE, Zeddies D and Popper AN. Exposure of fish to high-intensity sonar does not induce acute pathology. Journal of Fish Biology  2010; 76:1825-1840.
  5. Lednicky JA, Villanueva JM, Burke SA, Shively R, Shaw MW, Daniels DE, Hamilton SB, and  Donis RO. Validation of a Method for Preparing Influenza H5N1 Simulated Samples. Journal of Virological Methods 2010. 167:125-131.
  6. Lednicky JA, Hamilton SB, Tuttle RS, Sosna WA, Daniels DE, and Swayne DE. Ferrets develop fatal influenza after inhaling small particle aerosols of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus A/Vietnam/1203/2004 (H5N1). Virol. J. 2010; 7:e231
  7. Lednicky JA, Croutch CR, Lawrence SJ, Hamilton SB, Daniels DE, and Astroff AB. A Non-Lethal Young Domesticated Ferret (Mustela putorius furo) Model for Studying Pandemic Influenza Virus A/California/04/2009 (H1N1). Comparative Medicine. 2010; 60:364-368
  8. Mahmud ZH, Wright AC, Mandal SC, Dai J, Jones MK, Hasan M, Rashid MH , Islam MS, Johnson JA, Gulig PA, Morris JG, Ali A. Genetic characterization of Vibrio vulnificus strains from tilapia aquaculture in Bangladesh. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2010; 76:4890-4895.
  9. Saboori S, Mwaki A, Rheingans RD. Is Soapy water a viable solution for hand washing in schools? Waterlines. 2010; 29:329-336.
  10. Stine CB, Kane AS and Baya AM. Mycobacteria isolated from Chesapeake Bay Fishes. Journal Fish Diseases. 2010; 33:39-46.
  11. Tuttle RS,  Sosna WA, Daniels DE, Hamilton SB, and  Lednicky JA. Design, assembly, and validation of a nose-only inhalation exposure system for studies of aerosolized viable influenza H5N1 virus in ferrets. Virol J. 2010. 7:e135.
  12. Yonkos LT, Fisher DF, Van Veld PA, Kane AS, McGee BL and Staver KW.  Poultry litter-induced endocrine disruption in fathead minnow, sheepshead minnow and mummichog laboratory exposures. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 2010; 29:2328-2340.
  13. Zhang J, Zhu T, Mauzerall D, Liang S, Ezatti M, Remais J.  Environmental Health in China: progress towards clear air and safe water. The Lancet. 2010; 375(9720):1110-1119


National/International Scientific Meeting Presentations

  1. Lednicky JA, Sosna W, Tuttle R, Daniels D, Hamilton S, Astroff B. Development, Validation, and Testing of a Nose-Only Bioaerosol Inhalation Exposure System to Challenge Ferrets with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus (HPAIV).  Options for the Control of Influenza VII, Hong Kong SAR, China. September 2010.
  2. Griffitt R, Ryan R, Smith CL, Kane AS and Barber D. Effects of chronic exposure to nanoparticulate silver in zebrafish. 31stAnnual Meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), Portland, OR. 2010.
  3. Kane AS, Reese, D and Browder JA. Environmental health and fish deformities in Florida’s St. Lucie Estuary System. 31st Annual Meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), Portland, OR. 2010.
  4. Kane AS. Academic Health Centers in Haiti: Sustained Response Efforts from the University of Florida (invited). Southeast Regional Center of Excellence for Emerging Infections and Biodefense (SERCEB)/Southeast Center for Emerging Biological Threats (SECEBT).  Emory University, Atlanta, GA. 2010.
  5. Kane AS. Environmental Change, Disasters and Health The 6th International Symposium on Aquatic Animal Health, Tampa, FL. 2010.
  6. Kane AS, Reese, D and Browder JA.  A case study of fish deformities in the St Lucie Estuary System, Florida, USA. 6th International Symposium on Aquatic Animal Health, Tampa, FL. 2010.
  7. Stephens JK, Koroly MJ and Kane AS.  High school modules to discern effects of environmental stress using an oyster model. 6th International Symposium on Aquatic Animal Health, Tampa, FL. 2010.
  8. Yarnell SC, Wellehan JFX, Qiu Y, Blackburn J, Morris JG, Lauzardo M, Askhin D, Johnson JA and Kane AS.  Environmental mycobacteria in Florida, USA. 6thInternational Symposium on Aquatic Animal Health, Tampa, FL. 2010.