Emi Moore- Alumni Spotlight


Dr. Emi Moore graduated from the Department of Environmental and Global Health’s PhD in One Health program this past Summer 2020. Emi entered the department in 2015 when she pursued her Masters of Health Science in One Health degree. During her Masters, she worked as a Teaching Assistant (TA) with the University of Florida Broward Teaching Center and completed her MHS practicum with Dr. Kenneth Linthicum with the United States Department of Agriculture. Emi also served as a small group facilitator for the Brown Center for Leadership and Success and as the Service Chair on the EGH Student Council . She graduated from the MHS program in Spring 2017 and immediately started with the PhD in One Health program in Summer 2017.

Dr. Sarah McKune served as Emi’s advisor throughout her experience in the PhD program. Thanks to Dr. McKune’s work with the Livestock Systems Innovation Lab, the Sahel Research Group, and the African Studies department at UF, Emi was able to work on international projects outside of her dissertation research, as well as finish a graduate certificate in African Studies. During Emi’s PhD, she was able to make two research trips to Uganda, and one trip to Burkina Faso to prepare her field team for data collection. Emi was also awarded grants from both USAID and the University of Florida Internal, both of which she credits to Dr. Sabo-Attwood and her tailored grant writing course that Emi took in Fall 2018. Lastly, In Spring 2020, Emi served as a Teaching Assistant for the Bachelor’s in Public Health program, where she was the TA for three different courses.

Emi’s dissertation was titled “Improving Nutrition in Children Under Five in Burkina Faso: Applying a One Health Approach.” Her work dovetailed with an ongoing cluster randomized controlled trial examining the expressed behavior of egg consumption in children under five in a rural department of Burkina Faso. Particularly, she examined the delivery methods of the intervention strategies, how women’s empowerment impacted/was impacted by the project, and the potential sustainability of the behavior change.

As of August 2020, Dr. Emi Moore has officially accepted a faculty position at the University of North Florida. Her plans are to spend 100% of her time teaching, for the time being, while finishing a handful of publications with Dr. McKune, and looking for grants to fund future research. Congratulations Dr. Moore!


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