Below is a list of elective courses offered by the department. Within the College of Public Health and Health Professions, our students often take Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Social and Behavioral Science courses, as well. You can also look here to see course offerings by the MPH program.

This is not the comprehensive list, as our students are also welcome to find courses outside of the college that fit their interests. Your faculty advisor and our Academic Coordinator can help with this.

  • PHC6702 – Environmental Monitoring and Exposure Assessment
  • PHC 6036 – Environmental Monitoring and Exposure Measurement
  • PHC 6937 – Environmental Policy and Risk Management
  • PHC 7307 – Quantitative Assessment of Environmental Health Impacts
  • PHC 6937 – Scientific Communications
  • PHC 6002 – Epidemiology of Infectious Disease
  • PHC 6937 – Public Health Virology
  • PHC 6764 – Global Public Health and Development I
  • PHC 6512 – Environmental Management of Vector-borne Diseases