Anthony Pepe – Student Spotlight

Anthony Pepe

After completing his degree in Biology in 2014, Anthony Pepe joined the arbovirus surveillance team at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. He later moved on to a position with a Boston-based environmental consulting firm and is now working full-time at the US EPA New England branch.

Anthony says his occupational experiences showed him just how interconnected our surroundings are. This led him to join the MHS in One Health program in 2018, because of our multidisciplinary curriculum, which stands out compared to a more typical public health degree, and the flexibility of the part-time, online program.

“The online coursework is easily accessible, and all my instructors have been very responsive on the online platform. The courses I’ve taken thus far have been self-paced, which is essential for me to balance full-time employment with my studies,” Anthony said when asked about his experience as an online student.

Anthony hopes to remain in public service at the US EPA or a similar environmental or health agency after completing the MHS in One Health program. He says, “Given the wide range of issues and topics that the EPA and similar agencies deal with, this diverse skill set will help me perform my current duties while also advocating for a multidisciplinary approach to fulfill the agency’s responsibilities.”

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