Students in the Department of Environmental and Global Health are encouraged to take elective courses throughout their degree programs to enrich their learning experience. Within the College of Public Health and Health Professions, our students often take Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Social and Behavioral Science courses, although students are also welcome to take courses outside of the department.

Below is a list of elective courses offered by the department. Please note that the list below may include courses that are a requirement of your degree program. All elective courses are subject to approval by your faculty advisor and program director,

Below is a list of elective courses offered by the department. 

  • PHC 6002 – Epidemiology of Infectious Disease (online)
  • PHC 6018 – Environmental Ecology of Human Pathogens (online)
  • PHC 6037 – Public Health Virology (campus)
  • PHC 6183 – Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Response (online)
  • PHC 6301 – Aquatic Systems and Environmental Health (online/campus)
  • PHC 6304 – Environmental Toxicology in Public Health (online/campus)
  • PHC 6326 – Environmental and One Health (online)
  • PHC 6424 – Environmental Policy and Risk Management (online)
  • PHC 6445 – Global Public Health and Development II (campus)
  • PHC 6446 – Systems Thinking in One Health (online)
  • PHC 6512 – Environmental Management of Vector-borne Diseases (campus)
  • PHC 6515 – One Health: Applied Techniques in Public Health Entomology (online)
  • PHC 6520 – Introduction to Foodborne Diseases (online)
  • PHC 6671 – Emerging Infectious Diseases in One Health (campus)
  • PHC 6702 – Environmental Monitoring and Exposure Assessment (campus)
  • PHC 6706 – Scientific Communications in Public Health (campus)
  • PHC 6764 – Global Public Health and Development I (campus)
  • PHC 6046 – Foundations of Environmental Epidemiology Methods (online/campus)
  • PHC 6715 – Public Health Research Methods (campus)
  • PHC 7307 – Quantitative Assessment of Environmental Health Impacts (campus)
  • SWS 5551 – Soils, Water and Public Health (online/campus)

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