Travel Request

General Guidelines

Travel costs are to be allocated and expended within established budgetary limitations and serve an official University of Florida purpose. Travelers are not to make commitments to travel or to incur travel expenses without first obtaining the appropriate approvals.

The Department of Environmental and Global Health is committed to pursuing its academic mission in compliance with established federal, state and local rules, regulations, policies and procedures. In accordance with the PHHP Professional Leave Policy travel-related purchases will not be processed until this form is received and approved by Grants Core or department personnel, and your PHHP TAR has been approved. Any purchases made prior to approval are made at the risk of the purchaser and reimbursement will not be guaranteed. Students are required to obtain Dean’s Office TAR approval if travel expenses will be covered by an award, PI IDC or funds managed by DO.

A formal Travel Authorization (TA) must be completed for the following:

  • Conference/Convention
  • Foreign Travel
  • Registration Fees

Submit a Travel Request

If you are planning to travel on official University business, please complete the Travel Form as soon as travel dates are known and at least 10 days prior to travel here. The EGH office will process your TA and TAR.

If you are planning to take personal leave, please fill out a Leave Application, obtain approval from your supervisor and send the signed copy to the EGH Business Manager.

Additional Notes

  • Do you have plans to travel? Please submit a Travel Request at least 10 business days in advance.
  • Do not book or pay for anything until your travel is approved.
  • Keep any receipts for which you would like to receive reimbursement.
  • Domestic travel will cover per diem rates not the actual cost of the meal.
  • International travel will cover per diem rates and will vary by location.
  • Please send receipts to Fiscal Assistant as soon as you return from your trip.
  • Additional forms may be required including Conflict of Interest form and UF Leave Application.

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