Human Resources

General Guidelines

For more complete information about the University of Florida’s regulations and policies, please visit the UF General Counsel web page. Employees may also wish to refer to the Employee Handbook. You may also find links to frequently references policies here.

The Department of Environmental and Global Health is committed to pursuing its academic mission in compliance with established federal, state and local rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. For detailed HR information, please refer to the Employee Handbook referenced above. If questions about your employment statues are not answered in this Handbook, please talk with your supervisor, the EGH Business Manager, or contact the University of Florida Human Resources Services at 352.3922HRS.

Required Training and Forms

  • HIPAA (PRV800-General or PRV800-Research): MyUFL>Myself Service>TrainingandDevelopment>myTraining
  • Maintaining a Safe and Respectful Campus (GET803): MyUFL>MySelfService>TrainingandDevelopment>myTraining
  • Confidentiality Statement
  • Code of Conduct
  • Additional training specific to your position may be required, please check here and here.

Submit a Hire Request

To start the hiring process, the EGH office must receive basic information about the position that you wish to be filled. Hire Requests should be submitted by supervisors only.

To submit a Hire Request, fill out the EGH Hire form here.

Submit a Leave Request

All EGH employees should obtain supervisors’ approval prior to the absence. Once form is filled out and approved, please send it to the EGH office. The leave form is located here.

Employment Verification Letters can be obtained here.

Additional Notes

  • No employment should be offered prior to obtaining hire pre-approval and appropriate job posting if required.
  • No offer letter can be provided without HR review and approval.
  • Non-Essential personnel are not allowed to work when UF is officially closed.
  • Volunteers are also required to file paperwork and take mandatory training.
  • Outside activities and alternate work location need to be reported.

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