Our Current Students

Current PHD Students Environmental HealthStart Date
Sakib, Sk NazmusFall 2019Ali
Manrique, AndresFall 2018Sabo-Attwood
O’Connor, AmberFall 2020Sabo-Attwood
Punch, BiancaFall 2021Liang
Wu, XueFall 2022Lin
Pei-Yu WuFall 2022Lin
Donaldson, JessicaFall 2022Bisesi
Paro, Fevi RoseFall 2022Liang
Connell, MackenzieFall 2022Baker
Davour, RoselynFall 2023Colon-Burgos
Zhang, ZhichengFall 2023Lin
Chen, XinyueFall 2024Lin
Cheramy, JeantelFall 2024Bisesi
Sriguha, IshaeFall 2024Nelson
VanderMeulen, EmmaFall 2024Baker
Current PHD Students One-HealthStart DateAdvisor
Acosta, DanielFall 2020McKune
Hintenlang, LaurenFall 2020Kane
Flaherty, KatelynFall 2020Nelson
McNamara, KatieFall 2017McKune
Watson, MariahFall 2018Brown
Coker, KarenFall 2019McKune
Alejandro Mena SanchezFall 2023Anderson
DeRuyter, EmilyFall 2021Maurelli/Lednicky
Brice, Soung IballaFall 2021Ali
Thongthum, MayFall 2022Anderson
Mena Sanchez, AlejandroFall 2023Anderson
McFarlane, KimberlyFall 2023Baker
Kintzele, EmilyFall 2023Baker
Lilak, AbbyFall 2023Von Fricken
Cleary, NoraFall 2023Von Fricken
Ahmed, IbsaFall 2024McKune
Matulis, GrahamFall 2024Von Fricken
Williams, AndyFall 2024Lednicky
Current MPH StudentsStart DateAdvisor
Huang, ChupengFall 2022Ali
Robinson, JaleesaFall 2022Kane
Amde, BlaineSummer 2023Bisesi
Satterlee, StevenFall 2022Sabo-Attwood
Assefa, HebronFall 2022Baker
Riley, BriannaFall 2022Liang
Emanuel, MacadaFall 2022Lin
Guerry, AmeliaFall 2023Kane
Pringle, AsterFall 2023Sabo-Attwood
Revere, IsabellFall 2023Bisesi
Current MHS Students On-CampusStart DateAdvisor
Winiarski, AgathaFall 2022Anderson
Alazmi, SalemSummer 2023Anderson
Bahwaini, RynaFall 2023Lednicky
Andritsch, SamanthaFall 2023Anderson
Lnu, AkshayFall 2023Anderson
Abushabab, ShaymaaSpring 2024Colon-Burgos
Gottipati, UmaSpring 2024Applebaum
Current MHS Online StudentsStart DateAdvisor
Anderson, Brittany Summer 2020Bisesi
Bryant, Glenn “Will” Fall 2020Ali
Zahara, MeredithSpring 2021Bisesi
VinHatton, ElizabethFall 2021Lednicky
Bonebrake, OliviaFall 2021Kane
Riess, NicoleFall 2022Baker
Schulman, StacieFall 2022Kane
Ash, Sherry-AnneFall 2022Lin
Craig, ChristyFall 2022McKune
Jafary, UswaSpring 2023Anderson
Church, EthanSpring 2023Baker
Geffard, HilaryFall 2023Colon-Burgos
Bordeau, TrystanFall 2023Bisesi
Saulsberry-Spears, JoiFall 2023Applebaum
O’Brian, BrittanyFall 2023Nelson
Aufderheide, KelliSpring 2024Lednicky
Maestre, MelanieFall 2024

Our school year is off to a great start as we welcomed new faces at our student orientation August 18th!

Our students joined us at the HPNP building or by Zoom.
Students learned more about the college alongside our faculty.

Hear from former MHS One Health Student!

Make a Difference with One Health

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