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Spring 2016

Listed below are required or recommended courses for EGH students. Click on the course number to view the course syllabus (if applicable). This list is only a general breakdown of classes for the MPH-EH, MHS-OH, and PhD-EGH programs. Talk to your advisor regarding your situation and particular degree.

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Course Name Hrs Number Instructor Fall Spring Summer
Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health 3 PHC 6313 Sabo-Attwood x online online
Principles of Epidemiology 3 PHC 6001 Staff x online online
Introduction to the US Health Care System 3 HSA 6114 Jo x online
Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Issues in Public Health 3 PHC 6410 Curbow on-campus and online online
Statistical Methods for Health Science Research 3 PHC 6050 Hou x online
Introduction to Biostatistical Methods 3 PHC 6052 Staff x
Introduction to Public Health* 3 PHC 6937 Staff


Course Name Hrs  Number Instructor Fall  Spring Summer
Human Health Risk Assessment 4 VME6607 Roberts x
General Toxicology 3 VME6602 Roberts online online
Exposure Measurement and Assessment 3 PHC 6702 Lednicky, Evans x
Health Risk and Crisis Communication 3 PHC 6937 Pealer online
International Public Health (every other spring starting 2013) 3 PHC 6762 Amaya-Burns x
Global Health & Development I 3 PHC 6764 Rheingans x
EGH Journal Club 1 PHC 6900 Kane  x
Research Methods Rotation (varies) 4 PHC 6722 Staff x x x
One Health Field Research Experience 3-5 PHC 6346 Staff x
Public Health Journal Club 1  PHC 6937 Amaya-Burns/EGH staff x (even years)
Environmental and Global Health Seminar – Critical Thinking in EGH 1 PHC 7935 Rheingans  x (odd years)
Advanced Research 1-3 PHC 7979 Staff x x x
Research for Doctoral Dissertation 1-15 PHC 7980 Staff x x x
Aquatic Systems and Environmental Health 3 PHC 6301 Kane x
Water Quality & Human Health 3 Ali x
Environmental Infectious Diseases: A Molecular Approach 3 PHC 6036 Lednicky x
Occupational & Environmental Health Among Agriculture Workers 3 PHC 6346 Liang x


Course Name Hrs Number Instructor  Fall Spring Summer
Regression Methods for the Life Sciences 3 PHC 6053 x
Epidemiology Methods 3 PHC 6000 Staff x
Public Health Ethics 1-2 PHC 6937 Amaya-Burns x
Public Health Grant Writing 2 PHC 6162 x x
Seminar in Public Health Teaching 2 PHC 6937 Moorhouse x
Seminar in Contemporary Public Health Issues 1 PHC 6601 Staff x x
Public Health Internship PHC 6946 Staff
Ethics in Population Science 2 PHC 7427 Striley x


Course Name Hrs  Number Instructor Fall  Spring  Summer
Special Topics: Environmental Management of Vector-borne Diseases 3 PHC 6512 Okech x
An Introduction to One Health Problem Solving 2 PHC 6006 Staff x
Public Health Laboratory Techniques 1 PHC 6561 Heil x
An Introduction to Entomology, Zoonotic Diseases, and Food Safety 3 PHC6515 Okech x
Global Health & Development II 3 PHC 6445 Rheingans  x
Advanced Research (Requires instructor approval) PHC 6917 Staff
Public Health Practicum (Requires practicum site and instructor approval) PHC 6945 Staff
Issues in the Responsible Conduct of Research 1 VME 6767 Long x
Applied Biostatistics II 3 GMS 6862 x
Social and Behavioral Research Methods in Public Health 3 PHC 6700 Staff x
Communication Techniques in Environmental Health PHC 6937 Kane x
Introduction to Foodborne Diseases PHC6520 Liang, Morris online


Course Name Hrs Number Instructor Fall Spring Summer
Special Topics: Public Health Biology 3 PHC 6370 Prins  x
Water Quality Analysis 3 EES 5245 Delfino x
Current Issues in Food Safety and Sanitation 3 FOS 5205 Schneider x
Soils, Water and Public Health 3 SWS 5551 O’Connor, Teplitski x online
Advanced Toxicology (PreReq VME 6602); course offered in even years 3 VME 6603 Staff x (even years)
Drug Biotransformation and Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity 3 PHA 6425 James x x
Current Issues in Food Regulations 3 FOS 5732 Schmidt x
Culture and Nutrition 3 ANG 5467 deFrance x
Aerosol Mechanics 3 ENV 6130 Wu x
Introduction to Aquaculture 3 FAS 6932 Hill x
Elements of Air Pollution
Foundations of Air Pollution
3 ENV 4101
ENV 5105
Jang x x
Aerosol Chemistry and Physics 3 ENV 6932 Jang x
Atmospheric Chemistry 3 EES 6225 Jang x
Industrial Hygiene 3  ABE 6905 Correll x x
Meat Technology 3 ANS 6636 Johnson x
Advanced Mosquito Biology 3 ENY 6905 Alto online
Medical Geography 3 GEO 6938 Mao x
GIS Models for Public Health 3 GIS 6425C Mao x
Environmental Toxicology 3 EES 6405 Bitton x
Agricultural Waste Management 3 ABE 5707C Pullammanappilli
Microbial Physiology 3 ANS 6932 Jeong x
Exp Tech & Proc Meat 3 ANS 6288 Johnson, Jeong x
Hazard Analysis & Critical Control 2 ANS 4936 FOS 4936 Eubanks x
Disease Mapping with Kriging 3 GIS 4938
GIS 6938
Mao x
Introduction to Phylodynamics 3 GMS 5905 Salemi x
Immunology 3 PCB 5235 Larkin x
Back to the Basics of Epidemiological Data Management 3 PHC 6937  Abdallah x
Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials I 2 GMS 6818 Dedivas, Jones, Naranjo  x
Systematic Accountability of Food Safety From Production to Consumption 1-3 ALS 4932 Eubanks x
Introduction to NIH Grant Writing for Biomedical Sciences 1 GMS 6096 x
Infectious Disease Epidemiology 3 PHC 6002 Shapiro x
Public Health Concepts in Infectious Diseases 3 PHC 6517 Cook x
Introduction to NIH Grant Writing for Biomedical Sciences 1 GMS 6096 Fernandez-Funez x
Molecular Pathogenesis 3 VME 6464 Barbet, Dame x
Ecological Toxicology and Risk Assessment;
course offered in even years
3 VME 6934 Denslow x (even years)
* The course SOS 6932 is actually SWS 6932


 Course Name Hrs Number Instructor Fall Spring Summer
Global Public Health 3 PHC 3440 von Fricken x

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