“Climbing Mountains: In a rural Haitian town, UF Health program delivers timely care to sick children”

“The phone call came in late one night last year. On the outskirts of Gressier, Haiti, two children were ill. The nurses for MotoMeds, a pediatric call center and mobile medicine delivery service run as a University of Florida research initiative, asked crucial questions about the children’s symptoms.

The principal investigator Eric Jorge Nelson, M.D., Ph.D., was on-site to evaluate the program’s logistics and related research. Nelson strapped on a helmet to join the nurse and two motorcycle drivers on the call. The group rumbled up a mountain road strewn with river stones. As they climbed higher, the road narrowed. Soon, it was little more than a footpath. His driver made a hard left, brushing by a bush and ending up on a goat trail. He gunned the engine, willing the motorcycle onward until it bogged down in mud.”

Read the rest of the story from the UF Health Newsroom here.

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