Dr. Song Liang to be an Advisor to the World Health Organization

Dr. Song Liang, an associate professor at the Department of Environmental & Global Health, has been invited to join the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Guidelines Development Group (GDG) as an advisor. The GDG is in the process of developing guidelines on the implementation of control and elimination of schistosomiasis, which is a tropical disease affecting almost 240 million people in 78 countries, and Dr. Liang is leading efforts on one of eight components in the development of the guidelines – assessing reliability of methods in the detection of Schistosoma infections in non-human animals. Together with other 29 advisers from around the world, Dr. Liang is invited to participate in the WHO’s GDG meeting on November 26-29, 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. Congratulations, Dr. Liang!




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