MHS student, Nick Dowhaniuk, publishes article with National Geographic

Environmental and Global Health MHS student, Nick Dowhaniuk, recently published “Sleeping on fire: A trip to Africa’s most dangerous volcano, in an active conflict zone” for National Geographic. As part of his work as a National Geographic Explorer, Dowhaniuk traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is home to Africa’s most active volcano, Mount Nyiragongo. The volcano last erupted in 2002, overflowing into the city of Goma, where citizens have begun rebuilding most infrastructure atop the hardened lava. The region is also threatened by human warfare, as well at mother nature, as discussed in Dowhaniuk’s account of the trip. To read more about his time in Democratic Republic of the Congo please visit here.

Dowhaniuk was also recently involved in the publishing of two articles. To read more about his work visit these sites.1, 2

Photo Caption: Dan McCabe (left) and Nick Dowhaniuk (right) on the summit of Mount Nyiragongo. Photo Credit: Nick Dowhaniuk.