Dr. Sabo-Attwood Appointed to Advisory Board nanotechnology journal

Dr. Sabo-Attwood has been recently appointed to the Advisory Board for the journal Environmental Science: NanoThe first issue was published in February 2014 and was developed to “serve as a comprehensive source of information on nanomaterial interactions with biological and environmental systems, and the design and use of engineered nanomaterials for sustainability”.  Nanomaterials, small particles in the nanometer size range, equivalent to viruses, are being synthesized for numerous industrial and commercial product use such as cosmetics and sunscreens, electronics, and fuel cells. As most nanomaterials are currently unregulated by governmental agencies, research to discern their potential for unintended exposure and health effects is warranted.  Several types of nanomaterials are likely to benefit society but the goal is for this to occur with minimal health risks.  The journal disseminates high quality research and commentaries that inform on the implications of nanotechnology as it relates to human health and the environment.

The journal can be found at http://www.rsc.org/journals-books-databases/about-journals/environmental-science-nano/