Article by multidisciplinary team listed as one of PLOS Journal’s Editors’ Picks in Microbiology, category Clincal Science and Epidemiology

An article titled “Zika Virus Outbreak in Haiti in 2014: Molecular and Clinical Data”, written by a multidisciplinary team comprised of researchers from the College of Public Health and Health Professions (Dept of EGH and Dept. of Health Services Research, Management, and Policy), Haiti (Christianville Foundation School Clinic), Italy (Dept. of Infectious Parasitic and Immunomediated Diseases, Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Rome), the College of Medicine (Dept. of Pathology, Immunology, and Laboratory Science, and Dept. of Medicine), and the Emerging Pathogens Institute, was listed by PLOS journal as an Editors’ Picks in Microbiology article, category Clincal Science and Epidemiology.

The article details the discovery of Zika virus in plasma that had been collected in December of 2014 from three Haitians, approximately one year before the World Health Organization declared an outbreak of Zika disease in Haiti. It is available online: