EGH One Health Certificate Program Travels to Kenya

The Certificate Program in One Health has been put on hold until further notice.

20150625_054358This past July, participants in the One Health certificate program got out of the classroom and into a community that is a true convergence point between human, animal, and environmental health: Kisumu, Kenya. The students worked alongside students of the Great Lakes University of Kisumu conducting field research in  cross national teams designed to address different One Health problems, ranging from the role of domestic animals in the transmission of key infectious disease to chemical contamination of fishing resources and the influence of rodents on the transmission of emerging infections such as leptospirosis.

One Health is an emerging field that looks at the complex interactions among human, animal, and environmental health in order to understand problems and develop solutions. UF has been one of the pioneering US universities on One Health issues and the field course is a part of UF’s certificate in One Health.

This course continues UF’s history as an innovator in this area. This is the first graduate field course on One Health in Africa. It is also unique in that students will work side by side African counterparts addressing concrete problems.

To read more about the trip, including interviews with some of the participants and professors involved, click here.