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If you are planning to travel on official University business, please complete the following items as soon as travel dates are known and at a minimum of 10 days prior to travel. In accordance with the PHHP Professional Leave Policy travel-related purchases will NOT be processed until this form is received and approved by Grants Core or Department Personnel, and your PHHP TAR has been approved. Any purchases made prior to approval are made at the risk of the purchaser and reimbursement will not be guaranteed. Notify the Department before purchasing flight tickets, hotel stay, etc. Please notify the department even if travel plans are tentative.

Please note that for domestic travel, travelers are allowed to leave one day prior to events for which they are traveling, and return one day following. For international travel, this is extended to two days. Should a traveler wish to leave prior to this time or return later, this will be permitted however personal vacation time must be used and a flight comparison must show that it will not cost the University additional funds in order to change the travel dates. Should the ticket price be more expensive on the day in which the traveler would prefer to return, the traveler must pay the difference in cost out of pocket. Meals will also not be reimbursed for personal days taken.

For both Domestic and International Travel:

A Travel Authorization (TA) is required for each traveler when traveling on official University business. A Travel Authorization can be requested by providing Alise Cross with the following items completed:

  •  EGH Pre-Travel Approval Form: Please fill out our new online pre-travel form. The daily itinerary is now built in to the pre-travel form, there is no need to attach an additional document unless requested. Please note that if you are attending a conference, the EGH Pre-Travel form should be filled out to the best of your ability prior to purchasing registration, lodging and flights. Any changes to the itinerary can be submitted via email once they are known.
  •  Conflict of Interest form: Please complete this form if any portion of your trip is complimentary, or not being paid for through University funds, or if you are receiving payment of any kind such as travel expenses, honorarium, etc.
  •  Leave Application: If you are extending your travel to take personal time off, please also fill out a leave slip.
  • Invitation Letter: If applicable, please send us a copy of any invitation letters received.
  • Conference Program/Itinerary: If applicable submit the program or itinerary provided by any conference, convention, meeting etc. that you plan to attend.
  • Student, postdocs, and staff should receive an approval from their advisor/supervisor prior to travel.

For International Travel:

While You Travel

  • Keep your receipts: Make sure to hold on to any receipts for which you would like to receive reimbursement. Similarly, obtain receipts for any refunds received that were previously purchased by the University of Florida.
  • Only Buy Your Own Meals: Travelers will receive the per diem amount per meal (For domestic travel: Breakfast $6, Lunch $11, Dinner $19 for a total of $36/day. To view Foreign Per Diem rates, view the link in the Resources section below). There is no need to keep or turn in meal receipts. Each traveler should pay for their own meal. Meals purchased on behalf of another party may not be reimbursed.

After You Travel

  • Send an email to confirming you have returned and attach all receipts from your travel, along with a summary with total of all expense requiring reimbursement.
  • Wait for an email confirming your reimbursement total and details, before your reimbursement can be processed the attached form must be signed and returned.

Helpful Links and Resources

General Travel

Health & Safety

For questions regarding both domestic and international travel, please contact:

Alise Cross
Office: HPNP Room 4160
Phone: (352) 273-9673
Fax: (352) 273-6070


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