Departmental Leave Policy

Vacation Leave

To submit vacation leave, one first needs to ensure that they have leave to use (OPS employees do not accrue leave).  This is done by logging onto myUFL ( and using this navigation: Main Menu –> My Self Service –>Payroll and Compensation –> View Leave History.  If there is not enough leave accrued at the time, leave will not be able to be taken on the date that is requested.

After verifying that enough leave is available for use, one must fill out an application for leave (found here: at least one to two weeks prior to the first date of your leave and submit this application to your supervisor for approval.  If the supervisor approves the leave, the supervisor will sign the form and give it back to the person that is requesting the leave. Next,  the employee seeking leave should submit the form to the business manager in the EGH office. The business manager will enter the vacation leave into PeopleSoft and enter the time on the EGH Departmental Calendar (this is applicable to all faculty, postdoctoral associates, and administrative staff).


Emergency or Sick Leave

To submit sick leave, an employee should let his or her supervisor know as soon as possible of their absence.  If there is a medical appointment, let the supervisor  know when one learns of the event and take the steps recommended for Vacation Leave above.  For emergency circumstances, one may submit the required forms up to one week after the first day of absence, but notification of the person’s supervisor is required before work hours commence.  If there will be extended leave due to illness or injury, please coordinate with the business manager to set up a plan to use accrued leave in the best way. For more information on leave (including FMLA, Compensatory Leave, Military Leave, LOA, Sick Leave Pool, and Holiday and Personal Leave) please visit the University of Florida Office of Human Resource Services website: or contact the business manager.