PhD in One Health

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The new PhD in Public Health, One Health concentration will require a minimum of 90 post-baccalaureate credit hours. These credits will include core public health coursework (15 credits); quantitative methods and statistics (12 credits); professional issues (7 credits); concentration area (35 credits); supervised research (3 credits); supervised teaching (3 credits); and dissertation research (15 credits). Recommended undergraduate prerequisite training for One Health degrees include basic biology, chemistry, physiology, and college algebra.

The One Health concentration is a research-oriented health degree that emphasizes working across public health, veterinary health, and environmental health disciplines to tackle difficult health problems. This program is designed to bridge the gap between various areas of animal, plant, and human health to improve the well being of all species.


I. Public Health Core: 15 credits

Introduction to Biostatistical Methods

Principles of Epidemiology

Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health

Introduction to the US Health Care System

Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Issues in Public Health

II. Quantitative Methods and Statistics: 12 credits

Regression Methods for the Life Sciences

Epidemiology Methods


III. Concentration Core: 36-38 credits

Aquatic Systems and Environmental Health or Water Quality & Human Health

An Introduction to Entomology, Zoonotic Diseases, and Food Safety

Occupational & Environmental Health among Agriculture Workers

Environmental Infectious Diseases: A Molecular Approach

International Public Health or Global Health and Development I

Environmental and Global Health Journal Club

Research Methods Rotation, setting based on student focus General Electives*

Elective Different Area*

IV. Professional Issues: 5-7 credits

Public Health Journal Club

Public Health Ethics

Public Health Grant Writing

Critical Thinking in EGH

V. Advanced Research

Advanced Research

VI. Supervised Teaching

Supervised Teaching in Public Health

VII. Dissertation Hours

Research for Doctoral Dissertation

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