PhD Programs

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The PhD in Public Health One Health concentration is a research-oriented health degree that emphasizes working across public health, veterinary health, and environmental health disciplines to tackle large-scale health problems. This program is designed to bridge the gap between various areas of animal, plant, and human health, to improve the well-being of all species.

The PhD in Public Health Environmental and Global Health concentration is a broad, classical, research-oriented environmental health degree that prepares students for more independent or leadership roles in public health. This track emphasizes the exploration of environmental, chemical-related hazards.

PhD Program Core Competencies

  1. Generate new knowledge in the field of public health.
  2. Demonstrate competence in class preparation, delivery, and creation of a positive learning environment
  3. Demonstrate problem-solving skills by applying, analyzing and synthesizing content knowledge in public health.
  4. Display behavior appropriate to scientific discourse and communication



PhD in Public Health Curriculum: Environmental Health and One Health Concentrations

Course Title Credits Semester
PHC 6052


PHC 6050

Introduction to Statistical Methods-SAS


Introduction to Statistical Methods-SPSS




Fall Campus/Fall Online


Fall Campus/Spring Online

PHC 6001 Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health 3 Fall Campus

Spring & Summer Online

HSA 6114 U.S. Health Care System 3 Fall Campus
Summer  Online
PHC 6410


Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Issues in Public Health 3 Fall Campus

Fall Online

PHC 6313 Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health 3 Fall Campus
Spring Online
PHC 6053


Regression Methods for the Health and Life Sciences 3 Spring Campus
PHC 6XXX (or 7XXX?) Public Health Research methods


3 Fall

PHC 6716

PHC 6937

PHC 6937

PHC 7090

PHC 6000/6011

Choose 2

Survey Research/Instrument Development Methods

Applied Survival Analysis (bios)

Stochastic Epidemic Modeling (bios)

Advanced Biostatistical Methods

Epidemiological Methods

6 Fall




Varies by course

Varies by course

PHC 6937


Public Health Journal Club


1 Fall (odd years)
PHC 7427 Ethics In Population Science 2 Summer A


PHC 7727




PHC 6937

Grant Writing for Population Health Research

(Pre-req PHC 6011(summer A) waived with instructor approval)


Grant Writing for Public Health






Summer C




Summer C

PHC 6937 Seminar in Public Health Teaching 1 Fall


EGH Departmental Core Courses: 21 credits




Concentration Credits  






PHC 6702 Exposure Measurement 3 Spring Campus
PHC 6036 Environmental Monitoring 3
PHC 6937


Environmental Policy and Risk Management 3 Spring or summer Online
PHC 6937 Quantitative Assessment of Environmental Health Impacts 3 Spring Campus
PHC 6937


Environmental Toxicology Applications in PH 3 3 Fall  Online
PHC 6301 Aquatic Systems and Environmental Health 3 3 Spring Online
PHC 6937 Scientific Communications 3 3 Summer Campus
PHC 6937 Environmental Ecology of Human Pathogens 3 Spring Online
PHC 6515 An Introduction to Entomology, Zoonotic Diseases, and Food Safety (replaced with Entomology Applications in Public Health)


3 Summer Online
PHC 6937 Global Environmental Sustainability 3
PHC 6764 Global Health and Development I 3 Fall Campus
Electives: 15 credits
Varies with Advisor approval Varies 15 15 Varies
Research Rotation and Teaching: 6 credits
PHC 6937 Research Methods Rotation 3 3 Varies
Teaching credits Varies 3 3 Varies
Research Credits : 18 credits
PHC 7979 3 3
PHC 7980 15 15
Total Credits 90 90