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Currently accepting applications for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018


Summer 2018 – March 1st, 2018

Fall 2018 – July 1st, 2018

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Program Description

The University of Florida’s Masters of Health Sciences Program provides coursework, professional training and mentorship across public health, veterinary health, and environmental health disciplines to tackle real-world environmental and public health problems. The program’s One Health concentration focuses on infectious diseases at the human-animal interface, environmental impacts on disease transmission, and addressing current and emerging disease threats. Concentration emphases include agricultural impacts, biosecurity, entomology and vectorborne diseases, zoonoses, animal health, food production, pathogen detection and identification, and environmental controls.

What We Offer

One Health training includes trans-disciplinary teamwork and interaction with professionals from different disciplines with diverse backgrounds.

  • One-on-one mentorship by faculty in the Department of Environmental and Global Health provides students with personalized training and professional development skills.
  • Capstone research experience in culmination of the program offers hands-on training and networking opportunities with experts at the University of Florida, state and Federal agencies, and industry, to provide multidisciplinary training typical of One Health practice and leadership as supported by CDC, NIH, USDA and other professional organizations.
  • Preparation for employment opportunities spanning academia, federal, state and county health departments, food and pharmaceutical industries, federal agencies, consulting, research and education, occupational safety, and other industries, domestic and international.

Recommended undergraduate prerequisite training for the MHS in One Health includes basic biology, chemistry, physiology and college algebra.

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Degree Requirements

Credits Course
Semester Offered
Public Health Core Courses: 12 credits    
Statistical Methods Research I 3 PHC 6052 F
Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health 3 PHC 6001 F
Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health 3 PHC 6313 F, S, ss
Introduction to Public Health 3 PHC 6937 F
Concentration Area: 15 credits
Global Environmental Sustainability 3 PHC 6937 F
Aquatic Systems and Environmental Health  3 PHC 6301 S
Entomology Applications in Public Health 3 PHC 6515 ss
Environmental Ecology of Human Pathogens 3 PHC 6937 S
Environmental Toxicology Applications in Public Health 3 PHC6937 F
Electives in Area of Specialization: 9 credits
Varies 9 F, S, ss
Capstone Experience  
Capstone 3 PHC 6937 final semester
Total Required Credit Hours:  39

Sample Plan of Study for Part-Time Students

Year One 2017-2018

Fall Spring Summer
PHC 6052 Statistical Methods in Research I PHC 6301:  Aquatic Systems (Kane) PHC 6515: Entomology (Okech)
PHC 6937Intro to Public Health PHC 6001: Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health PHC 6313: Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health (Bisesi)
Total: 6 Credit Hours Total: 6 Credit Hours Total: 6 Credit Hours


Year Two 2018-2019

Fall Spring Summer
PHC 6937 Environmental Toxicology (Bisesi) PHC 6937 Environmental Ecology of Human Pathogens (Ali) Specialization Elective (3)
Specialization Elective (3) PHC 6937 Environmental Sustainability (3) Specialization Elective (3)
Total: 6 Credit Hours Total: 6 Credit Hours Total: 6 Credit Hours


Year Three 2019-2020

Fall Spring Summer
Field research (3-4)
Total: 3-4 Credit Hours

Other Information

As this is the first degree program of its kind in the United States, we expect much demand and relatively high salaries for students with this training.

MHS students who are eligible for in-state tuition will pay regular Florida graduate in-state tuition rates. For estimated costs see:

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