Degree Programs

Masters of Health Science – One Health Concentration

The Masters of Health Sciences, One Health concentration is designed to develop advanced analytical skills for applied research careers and a solid knowledge base of public health and theory. This degree includes advanced applied research and technical skills needed to address emerging and global environmental health threats. The University of Florida is one of the few institutions in the world to offer this unique area of study. The MHS in One Health is available on campus, or as a fully online degree program.

Masters of Public Health – Environmental Health Concentration

The Masters in Public Health, Environmental Health concentration addresses a diverse range of environmental issues that concern individuals and communities. The program offers particular depth in the effects of hazardous materials on human health and the environment through courses in toxicology and risk assessment.

PhD – One Health Concentration

The PhD in Public Health, One Health concentration is a research-oriented health degree that emphasizes working across public health, veterinary health, and environmental health disciplines to tackle large-scale health problems. This program is designed to bridge the gap between various areas of animal, plant, and human health, to improve the well-being of all species.

PhD – Environmental Health Concentration

The PhD in Public Health, Environmental & Global Health Concentration is a broad, classical, research-oriented environmental health degree that prepares students for more independent or leadership roles in public health. This track emphasizes the exploration of environmental, chemical-related hazards.