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PHC 6937 Environmental Ecology of Human Pathogens (3 credits)

Instructor: Asfar Ali, PhD (aali@epi.ufl.edu)
Location: G-109
Tuesday, 1:55-2:45 & Thursday, 12:50 -2:45
Prerequisites:  There are no prerequisites for this class.

This course covers major topic areas regarding the ecological relationships of environmental pathogens that cause diseases in humans. It will introduce microbiological techniques necessary to identify the variety of pathogens encountered in the environment including bacteria, parasites, and viruses. It will also examine the more complex ecological relationships of pathogens that are associated with different environments including water, soil, air, food, and animals. This course is meant to complement other subjects taken in the curriculum such as epidemiology, environmental health, one health, and to provide a knowledge-base for MPH and PhD students that will facilitate the evaluation of the interactions between pathogens and the environment. This course is different from other infectious disease courses in that the main focus is on pathogens in the natural environment and not the effects of such pathogens in humans. Therefore, the course materials do not cover in detail the epidemiology of infectious diseases, biological mechanisms of human illness, or broader public health impacts of infectious diseases.

PHC 6702 Exposure Measurement and Assessment (3 credits)

Instructor: John Lednicky, PhD (jlednicky@phhp.ufl.edu)
Location: HPNP 4170
Monday, 1:55-2:45 & Wednesday, 1:55-3:50
Prerequisites:  PHC 6313

Exposure to chemical, physical and biological agents occurs through inhalation, ingestion, or contact with a variety of media. This 3 semester-hour class provides public health students an understanding of exposure science in some depth. Methods to measure, estimate and prevent exposure to hazardous agents in the context of public health practice are explored in this course. Understanding information without the ability to apply it does not constitute real knowledge; this course emphasizes the use and application of the course material through problems and exercises. Class PHC 6313 is a prerequisite for this course.

PHC 6346 Occupational & Environmental Health Among Agriculture Workers (3 credits)

Instructor: Song Liang, PhD (songliang@epi.ufl.edu)
Location:  TBA
Thursday, 8:30-11:30
Prerequisites: PHC 6313 Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health

This intermediate level course is intended for graduate students and health professionals. The purpose of the course is to introduce students to major environmental and occupational hazards in agricultural settings in both developed and developing countries, their epidemiology and associated disease burdens, and approaches to field investigation. The course combines lectures, discussions, and a class project.

PHC 6313 Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health (3 credits)

Instructor: Song Liang, PhD (songliang@epi.ufl.edu)
Location: Online
Prerequisites:  There are no prerequisites for this class.

This course examines sources, routes, media, and health outcomes associated with biological, chemical and physical agents in the environment. It covers how these agents affect disease, water and air quality, food safety, and land resources in community and occupational settings. We will introduce the economic context and touch on legal frameworks associated with environmental and public health